Lab-Based Learning Boards

All satellites, big or small, start off in a lab. Our lab-based learning boards (also known as FlatSats) are designed to teach similar skills as those used by aerospace engineers when designing space equipment. Parallax and Twigs Space Labs have developed fantastic options for teaching students basic programming skills. We have taken the best of their equipment and compiled a FlatSat kit that can be used in the classroom and on a high-altitude balloon! This equipment is similar to that flown on our ThinSats. Once your students have mastered programming in the classroom, they will be well on their way to building and flying their own ThinSat in outer space! 



Our FlatSat curriculum is designed to allow students to learn at their own pace. The program can be customized to meet a rage to student ability levels or programming platforms. For beginners, the block-based programming allows any student regarding to previous experience to catch on quickly. Additional programing platforms such as Java and Simple IDE provide an additional challenge to student with programming experience. These skills lineup with NGSS computer science standards and are transferable to programming your own ThinSat. 

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