STEM CubeSat

If you're looking for something even more powerful than the ThinSat, we recommend checking out our CubeSats. Ranging from 1-6U in size, our CubeSats can be highly customized to meet your needs, whatever the mission may be. 


Our CubeSats have flown with multiple schools, universities and STEM organizations all with 100% mission success, sending back invaluable information on the way. For a full description of our CubeSat heritage check the contact section below. 


Included with the NSL Fastbus

  • EyeStar-S3 Simplex Communication System
  • Live data access through our NSL console
  • Fixed Solar Arrays: 1 for EM, 4 for FM
  • Smart EPS and Batteries
  • Flight Processor
  • Gold Anodized Structure, including: chassis,
    access panels, end plates, optical bench, hardware
  • Inhibit Switches
  • NSL Harnessing


NSL 3U CubeSatAvailable Attachments and Add-Ons:


Flight Processor
Gold Anodized Structure, including:

  • chassis
  • access panels
  • end plates
  • optical bench hardware
  • Inhibit Switches
  • Harnessing for NSL systems

See Product slick and Tech spec for more details


More information and Contact 

If you'd like more information about our CubeSats and what they can do for your school or STEM organization, contact us below. 

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