Eclipse 2024 - Balloon Constellation


Upcoming event 

Come join us on April 8th, 2024 for NSL’s 2nd eclipse event. We will be launching a constellation of balloons from locations all over the Midwest, and will be able measure the data of each of these systems simultaneously extracting a huge amount of data, which will be unavailable for another 50 years!


Previous event

On August 21 2017 everyone had their eyes to the sky, over 230 students, had come to be a part of our eclipse balloon launch. The balloon was outfitted with everything from cameras to energetic particle detectors and was able to track temperature, wind speed, and plasma levels just to name a few. The balloon gathered valuable video and data which was sent back to us, all in real time.

Interested in more in depth information about our previous eclipse launch in 2017? All the incredible data we were able to collect in the process can be found in our publication:


Get involved

We invite you to join us during the event, or even contact us about launching your own balloon as part of our constellation. If you are interested, sign up below so we can keep you up to date on what's going on with this event

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