NSE Prepares for Space Day

NSE Prepares for Space Day

NearSpace Education is excited to celebrate Space Day on Friday, May 6th at our new downtown location, 79 Railroad Street, Upland, IN. We will be sending a high altitude balloon up into the top levels of the atmosphere and would love to have as many teachers, students, and community members out to share this special day with us. 

The launch and additional activities will be led by Brandon Pearson, a high-school science teacher. Brandon currently teaches a STEM class using high-altitude balloons and will be joining NSE as the STEM Director this June. NearSpace Education would love to discuss future partnerships at the event.

Fun Facts about High-Altitude Balloons:

1. High-altitude balloons can send experiments designed by students 100,000 ft (20 mi) up into the top levels of the atmosphere, allowing for pictures and videos showing the curvatures of the earth. 
2. Data collected from sensors during the launch can be analyzed and interpreted to further student learning.

3. The conditions above the ozone layer are like those on the surface of Mars!


Please consider joining us for some fun!